Fighting for Us

I have a confession.  I wrote the post below about a month ago.  And I haven’t published it until now because I was scared.  First off, I was scared I would totally freak out my mother-in-law, whom I dearly love and who is an avid blog reader.  I didn’t want her to think my marriage was in a scary place or that Steve and I weren’t okay.  Second, it’s just scary to be vulnerable when you’re in the thick of things.  It’s much easier to talk about hard stuff when you’ve come out the other end, and all is well in the world.   Continue reading


On Grief

I realized the other day that I talked to my grandpa almost every weekday for three years.  And now he’s gone.

His death has somewhat a source of sadness, but mainly a source of celebration.  He was 91 years old and lived an absolutely amazing life.  He did so many things.  He traveled, he had a wonderful job, a great home, and generally good health.

But most importantly, his life was full of love. Continue reading


The Half: 13.1 miles, a nursing break, and 234598757 hills later

This past Sunday I ran the St. Louis Rock N Roll Half Marathon.  I’ve run half marathons before, but this was my first one post-Lilah.  You know, my first half post I-gained-40-lbs-and-then-squeezed-a-watermelon-out-of-my-vag.  And let me tell you, things have been different.  It’s not just that I’m slower.  It’s the peeing on myself, the super SUPER early runs, the nursing, the change in body composition.  It’s quite a change. Continue reading


Breastfeeding Mom From My Husband’s Hometown Held in Contempt for Bring Her Baby Who Doesn’t Take a Bottle to Jury Duty

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 3.18.48 PM

A breastfeeding mom to a 5 month old from Lee’s Summit has a problem I can relate to.  She has a baby who won’t take a bottle.  She’s also a stay at home mom without daily child care.  When she received her jury summons, she requested an exemption, but was denied.  So, when the day came for her to show up to serve, she brought her baby with her.  She was then held in contempt of court. Continue reading


7 Life Lessons Being a Cardinals Fan Can Teach Our Kids

photo by brianandjaclyn via Flickr

photo by brianandjaclyn via Flickr

1.  It’s all about teamwork.

Sure, St. Louis has some sluggers and ridiculously good pitchers.  But our top hitter has been out for the post-season thus far and our star pitcher has sat out the season entirely, both due to injury.  Some of the most clutch hitting has been done by the little guys.  Matt Carpenter started our 3rd inning rally in Game 6 of the NLCS by staying alive through an 11 pitch at bat.  Joe Kelly started a 2-run go in an earlier game with a single. And where’s the pitching, you ask?  Our star pitcher and NLCS MVP is a 22-year-old rookie.  Oh yeah, and we won Game 1 by essentially out-pitching the Dodgers for 13 innings using seven pitchers.  In one game, in case that was unclear. Continue reading